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An American In Przemysl

In August 1993, along with members of a Volunteers In Mission (VIM) group from Okalahoma City, Oklahoma USA, I spent a week in the town of Przemysl, Poland.

Przemysl is on the very eastern edge of Poland, a few miles from the border with Ukraine. It's a fairly small town, but it is mentioned in James Michener's book, Poland:

The text on these pages comes from a journal I kept that week, and the pictures are from slides I took. I've divided up the story by "topics" rather than trying to tell it in chronological order.

Our group journeyed to Poland to visit a Methodist Church in the town of Przemysl. to help with a church building project. Since Poland is 95% Catholic, we Protestants were definitely a "minority" group.

Most of our group stayed in the homes of church members, while I had a room at the Pod Bialy Orzem, where I realized that my attempts to learn some Polish before the trip were less than entirely successful. We got to try a variety of Polish food and drink (although, as a church group, we had to pass on the vodka, at least until we were on our way home...)

Among the highlights of the week were the kielbasa roast and a train ride which passed through Ukraine. Group members brought back a variety of souvenirs, including crystal, wood eggs, and, in my case, music - CDs and tapes of Polish rock and punk bands. And, of course, lots of memories!

Read and enjoy!

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