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Food and Drink


Went out for a walk this evening, which I should have done about three nights ago! basically went over the bridge; then realized I wanted to be back on this side, so came back... then up through downtown and stopped at the Restaurant Karpacya (?), where we had our first group meal...

I actually managed to not embarass myself in a Polish restaurant this time, although the waiter probably figured I had made a mistake when all I ordered was an entre - a pork fillet stuffed with fruit - schabe z owocom and tea. Unfortunately, I only had 70,000 zloty with me - that's about $4 US at current exchange rates - and so I had to limit myself.

It was really good, though - the kind of food I've been looking for in Poland! And it didn't hurt to not overeat at my late meal (it was 9:00 by the time I finished). I even left an extra 10,000 zloty with the bill just because I was so pleased to have survived in a restaurant by myself.

Maintained by: Charles Wolff
Updated: 3/23/98